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best folding bike

Imagine a man who gets off at a crowded subway or metro station, and makes his way out. While his fellow passengers struggle to get to their destination, he simply unfolds his foldable bike, and in seconds he is on his way. The portable bike is the most convenient and environment friendly means of transportation. It is probably the most practical invention of the modern times. After all, which other invention helps you get exercise whilst transporting you efficiently from one place to another. What is more, it only requires a small storage space.

Who is the Foldable Bike Meant For?

Everyone! The foldable bike is designed for everyone who wants the convenience and honor of owning it. It is designed for people of all ages and heights, and can be fitted to your specifications. This is also why experts recommend that owners take their brand new folding bicycles to the bike store, so it can be adjusted to their height and size. The stand over frame of the bike makes it ideal, even for people who have trouble raising their leg up too high, but are comfortable cycling.

Benefits of Foldable Bicycles

  • The bike that folds is highly portable and this makes it easy to carry and stow away when you commute by public transportation or in your car.
  • It is also easy to carry and store, and perfect for every home and workplace.
  • The fact that you can fold your bicycle makes it convenient to carry wherever you go. This also means that it is safer than leaving your bike in a public bike rack.
  • It is perfect for people who may also use another means of transportation such as the subway, a taxi or even a boat, before they are ready to cycle off.
  • The foldable bike is perfect for a wide range of situations and people. It is great to ride to work and then carry into your workplace, or in fact into any urban area. Students enjoy the convenience of carrying their bike wherever they go. It is just the thing for a ride in the park. Folding bike reviews by travelers say that they like to carry their foldable bikes in their campers, and unfold them once they have parked for the day.
  • It is easy to install and usually only requires owners to attach the peddles onto the bike. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to go to the bike store so the settings can be customized to your height. Regular bike services will ensure that the bike remains in top shape.

Features of a Folding Bike

  • The bike has a lightweight aluminum frame, which makes it practical to carry almost everywhere.
  • It folds up in just about 10-15 seconds.
  • Some brands offer several handle bar options such as the M, S, H and P type.
  • Most folding bicycles come with a storage bag. This makes it easier to transport and also keeps the grease from the chain away from your clothes.
  • It has a low stand over frame, making it ideal for people of all heights.
  • Some bikes have no gears and are ideal for flat urban areas, while others have gears that make the ride up small hills easier.
  • The cargo rack at the rear is perfect for storing your things while your ride.
  • Additional accessories such as saddle bags would have to be removed before folding the bike.

How Does it Work

The bike is designed with a hinge and latching mechanism that makes it possible for the cyclist to fold it when it is not in use. It takes some getting used, quite like any other appliance that can be folded.

Once the bike is folded, the chain and gears (if it has any) are positioned at the center, away from clothing and other luggage. The handle bar would need to be rotated to make it easier to carry and fit into small storage spaces. The wheel size of the bike is smaller than that of conventional bikes. This makes it fast and more maneuverable, and contributes to the compact size that it can be folded into.

Choosing the Best Folding Bike According to Customer Reviews

The best way to judge any product is of course to pay close attention to what customers have to say about it. Judging by the folding bike reviews and customer feedback, here are the top 10 picks for you to consider:

BikeWeightFolding SizeWheel SizeSpeedFramePrice
Schwinn 20 Inch Loop Folding Bike Schwinn 20-Inch Loop30 pounds30" x 32" x 11"20 inches7 SpeedAluminum$230 +
Dahon Mariner D7 Folding BikeDahon Mariner26 pounds20 inchesAluminum$590 +
Columba 26 inch BikeColumba 26"35 pounds38" x 14" x 29"26 inches18 Speed$210 +
Dahon Vybe C7A 20 inchDahon Vybe30 pounds26" x 13" x 32"20 inches7 SpeedAluminum$440 +
Hasa Sram 6 SpeedHasa27.5 pounds33" x 25" x 13"20 inches6 SpeedAluminum$500 +
Xspec 20 inch 7 SpeedXspec 20"41 pounds20 inches7 SpeedAluminum$170 +
Stowabike City Compact Folding BikeStowabike 20" City Bike35 pounds24" x 34" x 32"20 inches6 SpeedSteel$160 +
Columba 20 inch AlloyColumba 20"31 pounds33" x 15" x 26"20 inches7 SpeedAlloy / Steel$190 +
Retrospec BicycleRetrospec22 pounds10" x 30" x 22"20 inches1 SpeedAluminum$290 +
XtremepowerUS-City-Bike-CompactXtremepowerUS 20"35 pounds24" x 34" x 32"20 inches6 Speed$160 +

The cost of the bikes varies from $160 to over $500. Quite obviously the features and specifications of the bikes also differ greatly. So, once you are sure of your budget and what you want of your bike, it would be a good idea to read a few folding bike review. This exercise will give you a clear picture of what to expect of your purchase.

Our Top 3 Selection for 2015

Choosing the best bike is a difficult task, given the excellent features that most of them offer. Here is our top 3 selection for 2015, and why.

Schwinn Bike

1. Schwinn 20-Inch Loop

This bike weighs in at 30 pounds and has seven speeds for the cyclist to choose from. This makes it perfect for riding up hills. It folds down to 30″X 32″X 11″. It has 20″ wheels, a low stand over frame and a rigid fork that makes it easy for cyclists to get on and off the bike. According to numerous customer reviews this one is great for people of all heights.

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Dahon Mariner

2. Dahon Mariner

The Dahon Mariner is a high end foldable bicycle and one of the best available in the market today. The Mariner, as the name suggests, is designed for sailors who want to keep their bicycle handy for in-shore adventures. The bike is rust resistant, weighs 26 pounds and has 20 inch wheels. It is tough and built to last, and offers you a comfortable ride.

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Columba 26 inch Bike

3. Columba 26″

With a weight of 35 pounds, this bike is heavier than the others, and this is because it offers 26″ wheels. With 18 speed shifter and derailleur, it is one of the best bikes in this category. It folds down to 38″X 14″X 29″. The bike comes 90% assembled. The front wheel needs to be attached, and can be accomplished quite quickly and easily.

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Buying a Folding Bicycle

Buying the best bike for your requirements is quick and simple on Amazon. Most Amazon purchase will offer free shipping in the US. When making your choice, it is a good idea to take into consideration the warranty that different brands offer. Some even offer lifetime warranty.

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